4K Ultra HD HDBaseT Receiver (Class A)

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The LU1E is fully compatible with all Control4 4K Ultra HD switch models, including the new ‘D’ models with audio downmixing. Please note that the model number/SKU of the LU1E will soon be changed to C4-LU1E, but other than the model number, the product will not change.

The world's slimmest, lightest and most compact PoH enabled HDBaseT Class A Receiver.

Designed exclusively for use with our new LU range of matrix switches, the Control4 LU1E delivers stunning 4K UHD video and HD audio to your display device or AV receiver.

Requiring only a single CAT cable connection from a Control4 LU series matrix, the LU1E provides an HDMI output, directional IR (direction controlled via software), bidirectional RS232, and an Ethernet connection.

Due to the bandwidth required, HD signals can be extended up to about 300 feet (100 m) over a single CAT5e/CAT6 cable and 4K UHD video can be extended up to about 230 feet (70 m).

300-foot (100-meter) 4K UHD video signal extension distances can be achieved with correctly installed CAT6a/CAT7 cabling and terminations.

Status LEDs are located on the UTP ports, providing power, link, and HDCP connection feedback.

Power is supplied via PoH (similar to POE).

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